“depa” visiting 4 community enterprises of Phichit, adapt an IoT application for better life of Thais community.

Digital Economy Promotion Agency or depa, visiting Phichit province to monitor the progress of the community enterprise project, which is promoted and supported under measures for the application of digital technology and innovation for rural communities (depa Digital Transformation Fund for Community) to strengthen the 4 community enterprises in Phichit province as follow; Boonma Lom Community enterprise, Khlong Khun Subdistrict, Taphan Hin District, KaewThai Visarhakit Setakitporpiang Community enterprise, Wat Kwang Sub-district, PhoThale District, Lamyai Torang Community enterprise, Nong Sano Subdistrict, Sam Ngam District and Ban Tha Yim Agricultural Product Processing Community Enterprise, Thayiam Subdistrict Sak Lek District, which uses IoT technology to apply to their community that suitable for them. Both to control the growth along with production quality that produces by each community at various processing methods which can create value added to the product as well as reduce costs and avoid loss of productivity to enhance people’s quality of life in the community and also increase a sustainable income.
Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanpatcharin, President/CEO, Digital Economy Promotion Agency or depa revealed that the main task of depa is to promote and support and drive Thailand towards a sustainable digital economy and society. By not just looking at the big picture at the national level only but also the community level of more than 70 million people nationwide along the way. depa also has measures to help or support the application of digital technology and innovation for rural communities’ usage. To encourage digital technology to be used and suitable for each area, in order to increase the competitiveness in both improving business operations along with products produced by community enterprises to become strong and sustainable self-reliable.
“To promote the community to use the application of digital technology, depa doesn’t just support money but also transfer the knowledge of digital technology to be ready to create a community network and able to expand the community enterprise to grow with understanding. Installation of only the equipment but the community cannot bring their

strengths to develop in the future is not the way we work. We like to maximum benefit for the usage of digital technology ” President/CEO of depa added.
For visiting this time, the team of community development and promotion officials of the lower northern branch office has been followed up the progress of the project in 4 community enterprises. Which has applied the IoT system to the area appropriately while also transferring technical knowledge to people in the area and nearby as follows
Bunmahom Community Enterprise, Khlong Khun Sub-district, Taphan Hin District
Carried out the project of intelligent mushroom nursery plant development for supporting community groups, which is a learning center of the Phichit Provincial Energy Office. The center has a group of field study trip visits continuously and is certified Quality Management of Good Agricultural Practices for Crops (GAP), in which the community cultures mushroom agglomeration and mushroom processing by applying IoT systems to mushroom farms. With an application that can report the results and control the weather in the mushroom cultivation house to suite the growth, reduce the loss of production and able to increase sales sufficiently to meet market demand and upgrade the mushroom quality of the community up to the standard.
KaewThai Visarhakit Setakitporpiang Community enterprise, Wat Kwang Subdistrict, PhoThale District
Carried out a project to develop an intelligent temperature control system in a solar power plant. Which also a group that has been promoted as an agricultural and energy tourism community that provides agricultural dried -crops services to members and neighboring communities. By having the IoT system applied in the solar power plant to control the optimum temperature for drying process. The prototype of a digital innovative drying plant for both reducing energy waste with IoT and using clean energy like installing solar panels to use solar energy as the primary energy.

Lamyai Torang Community enterprise, Nong Sano Subdistrict,Sam Ngam District
Operates the 4.0 drying plant project to promote a group that has received GAP certification for good quality, safety, and is also a center for transferring knowledge to farmers who are interested in planting off-season longan. By being encouraged to apply the IoT system to be used in the longan drying plant, which is a local economic fruit, for more value-added of lower grade longan and increase the diversity of agricultural products of the community.
Ban Tha Yim Agricultural Product Processing Community Enterprise ,Thayiam district Sak Lek District
Conducting user training and neighboring communities to raise awareness of the benefits of applying digital technology for both create an efficiency income and provide ideas for using digital technology that is so close to our daily life. By being able to develop agricultural products, community products, enhance the quality of life and the strength of communities to be able to be ready for a sustainable 21st century survival.


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