Global Citizenship and a New Perspective

In an increasingly globalized world with the free flow of trade the need for a groundbreaking solution for the free flow of people has become the next hot market. This is where Golden Nexus Advisory comes in creating a solution for those who wish to relocate but for various reasons are severely constrained by their nationalities. By providing a tailored service that overcomes these obstacles, Golden Nexus Advisory helps people to live and work anywhere in the world.

Shocking incidents that speak for themselves

While countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China are experiencing consistent economic growth and an ever-growing middle class, this development comes at a price. Pollution levels in these countries’ major cities have risen dramatically, up to forty times over healthy limits recommended by the WHO. Recently schools had to be closed for several days in both New Delhi and Beijing due to dangerous levels of smog. Rising pollution levels have already led to a noticeable increase in respiratory problems, especially among children and infants. It is not surprising then that more and more people are looking to relocate to places offering a healthier lifestyle.

An unparalleled exodus

This is not the only reason people are leaving. Dissatisfaction with governments and legal systems, political oppression or downright persecution for opinions and religious beliefs are forcing people to consider moving abroad. Countries in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and many others are experiencing an outflow of high net worth individuals due to one or several of these reasons. A recent study from the Shanghai-based research firm Hurun shows that 64% of China’s rich, those with assets over $1.6 million, are emigrating or at least planning to. India is another example of such an unprecedented exodus. New World Wealth, a New York-based consulting service, has found that in recent years over 60,000 millionaires left the country to find new homes and new opportunities abroad.

This strong trend has created the need for services that can facilitate this process. Golden Nexus Advisory has decided to provide people with the opportunity to move to new countries where they can live in political and economic freedom whilst enjoying healthy surroundings and easier travel. The agency has a growing international network of partners reaching out to more people around the world helping clients realize their dream of a new life. They have recently signed a partner in Russia, Cyprus and Greece the latter two having been swamped with immigrants many consider a second invasion and feel like they have lost any semblance of their homeland.

New opportunities for global citizens

Clients are able to contact the agency for a variety of services, including the procurement of student and work visas, permanent residencies or even a new nationality. An example of Golden Nexus Advisory’s services is their assistance in providing residency in Cyprus and Greece, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia and the United States. For Canada, applicants can benefit from the Start Up Visa (SUV) program, granting entrepreneurs their own business and permanent residency for their family. Permanent residency in Australia can be obtained within four years by investing a minimum of AUD 1.5 million in Australian State or Territory Bonds. Citizenship and passports are available for countries including Antigua, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Dominica, Granada, Hungary, Malta, Panama, St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Lucia opening up the possibility of visa-free travel to over 100 countries around the world. With their strong international network of lawyers and business partners, Golden Nexus Advisory handles all bureaucratic and administrative details and can be completed in as little as 40 days.

A complete service to ease transitions

To go the extra mile, once passport or residency has been obtained, clients will receive full support for their relocation. This can include the transfer of bank accounts and business set up in the destination country, the selection of suitable schools and new homes, and any necessary information about local taxes, laws, customs and social norms. This will help avoid those pitfalls that can come with relocating to another part of the world.

Providing this kind of assistance to people wanting to leave their less than favorable circumstances behind in search of a safer, more comfortable life full of opportunities is a rewarding business. There is no doubt that demand for these services will continue to grow helping to facilitate the growing world economy in the process. “The middle class of China and India is going to change the world, and we are there to help them do it,” says Mr. D. Singh, CEO of Golden Nexus Advisory.


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