PATTAYA, THAILAND, January 24, 2018 – Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya is ringing in the New Year with fresh and flavourful ingredients. Beginning Wednesday, 24 January through Tuesday, 13 March 2018, Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya will expand its legendary menu and serve up a variety of new Rock’n Bowls, which take ordinary rice bowls to a rock star level. The five new Rock’n Bowl options will feature a broad range of flavors, from the Bibimbap Bowl’s tangy kimchi to the Chili Lime Chicken Bowl’s spicy chili pepper lime chicken.

Hard Rock’s new Rock’n Bowls provide guests looking to expand their palate with flavorful and satisfying options. Full list of Rock’n Bowls includes:

• Bibimbap Bowl – brown rice bowl cooked with a signature blend of Chinese spices, served with spicy Kimchi, red peppers, sriracha meatballs, Chinese cut green onions, matchstick carrots and cucumbers, with a honey sriracha glaze.

• Southwest Meatball Bowl – brown rice bowl cooked with a blend of Cajun and Southwest seasonings, topped with hot beef chorizo meatballs, honey sriracha glaze, chili lime crema, grated romano cheese and crispy, seasoned tortilla straws.

• BBQ Shrimp Noodle Bowl – rice noodle bowl served with grilled shrimp in an Asian BBQ sauce mixed with shredded napa cabbage, sesame soy glaze, sliced green onions, white sesame seeds, freshly squeezed lime juice and fried won tons.

• Chili Lime Chicken Bowl – brown rice bowl topped with grilled chili pepper lime chicken, Cajun seasoning, diced avocado, black beans, roasted corn, grated romano cheese, chili lime crema, chopped cilantro and nacho seasoned tortilla straws.

• Jambalaya – brown rice bowl seasoned with Cajun seasoning, served with authentic Jambalaya and sprinkled green onions.

“Hard Rock is always looking to elevate the menu and stay up on the latest culinary trends, which is where the inspiration for our Rock’n Bowl offerings came from,” said Darryl Mickler, Senior Director of Global Research and Development. “The five bowls incorporate unique ingredients packed with flavor to make Hard Rock’s take on rice bowls unforgettable.”

Guests can stop by their local Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya to try out the latest items or visit www.hardrock.com for more information.

For reservations, call 038-426635 or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HardRockCafePattaya/ or e-mail: hrcpr.pty@hardrockhotels.net.


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