PATTAYA, THAILAND, June 11, 2018 – Hard Rock turned 47 years young on Thursday, June 14, 2018. To honor the brand’s founders, Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe Pattaya celebrated its Hard Rock’s 27th Anniversary with Hard Rock Heals and philanthropic activities throughout the week from Monday, June 11 until Thursday, June 14, 2018.

On June 14, 1971, two-music loving Americans, Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton opened the first-ever Hard Rock Cafe in London and an iconic brand was born. After Eric Clapton asked to hang his guitar in that location, Tigrett and Morton had a vision to combine music, memorabilia and food for a one-of-a-kind guest experience.

On Day 1 – Monday, June 11, 2018, we held the ONE-TO-FIVE Piano class at Pattaya Drop-in Center, Human Help Network Foundation from 2pm to 4pm. Our band members joined together to teach 16 students, aged between 3-16 years old. This activity is under the Hard Rock Heals Foundation which is our global charity focused on funding music programs worldwide. We aim to improve lives and heal through the power of music.

On Day 2 – Tuesday, June 12, 2018, we organized Rock the Lunch #60 at Baan Nok Primary School from 8.30am to 2pm. Our band members cooked together and served the students’ favorite and nutritious foods, in conjunction with the brand’s motto to LOVE ALL-SERVE ALL. A good meal always comes with good entertainment, and at the end of the meal, our staff put on a fun and energetic concert.

On Day 3 – Wednesday, June 13, 2018, we celebrated its Hard Rock’s 27th Anniversary with Heroes Jam Episode II activity. To support our motto SAVE THE PLANET & TAKE TIME TO BE KIND, our band members helped clean up Pattaya Beach in the morning and Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya organized a special luncheon for Pattaya City Environmental Department crews, garbage collectors and public area cleaners in Pattaya City. We wanted to give back to the people who work so hard to keep Pattaya City clean and beautiful.

On Day 4 – Thursday, June 14, 2018, Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya celebrated like it’s 1971 by offering Hard Rock Cafe’s Original Legendary® Burger for only 71 cents from 11am to 12pm. A lot of guests were lining up in front of Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya since early morning. More than 123 guests joined in the celebration. In addition, to support our motto ALL IS ONE, we arranged an amazing party “Founders’ Day Fun Fair” at the garden. All band members set up stalls for selling the foods, drinks and snacks and the stage for our band members to show off their musical talents and created the fun games to win the prizes, it’s such a fantastic party.

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