Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Thailand Launch Latest Dining Promotion Showcasing South East Asia Seasonal Produce

Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Thailand today launched a six-month dining promotion by taking an initiative from ‘South East Asia Seasonal Produce’ to highlight the culinary innovations made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Not only in Thailand, Seasonal Produce promotion will be featured in all participating Hilton Hotels & Resorts across South East Asia that allows foodies to experience new creations throughout July to December 2018.

The participating Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Thailand include Conrad Bangkok, Conrad Koh Samui, DoubleTree by Hilton Sukhumvit, Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa, Hilton Pattaya, Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa and Millennium Hilton Bangkok.
The seasonal ingredients for the following months are:

Tea in July: Tea originated in South West China, where it was first used as a medicinal drink. Today, it becomes popular around the world. In South East Asia, it is used in many kinds of beverage and also used as an ingredient in food and desserts. The Thais add condensed milk and a lot of ice and sometimes mixed with the coffee.

Chocolate in August: Chocolate is made from the seeds of cacao bean. South East Asia especially Indonesia is also a great source of cacao which offers intensely savory and bitter flavors. This popular ingredient is often used in many desserts like pudding, cakes, ice-cream and more.

Lemongrass in September: Lemongrass is a species of the grass family found in Asia, Africa and Australia. It is commonly used as a culinary herb throughout Asia and be able to relieve stomachaches, pain and treat the common cold.

Coconut in October: South East Asia in particular – Indonesia and Philippines is a majority of the organic coconut producer in the world. Coconut’s meat, juice, milk and oil can be used in everything from cooking to disease prevention; improve immune function, reduce heart disease risk and improve skin and hair health.

Ginger in November: From wine and cookies to tea, dishes, gravies and soups, ginger is a culinary ingredient widely used in food and beverage across South East Asia. It is also widely known as a traditional remedy to treat certain illness.

Cinnamon in December: Cinnamon is an ancient spice founded in Southern Indian and South East Asia. It is mainly used as an aromatic condiment and flavoring material in chocolate, bread-based dishes, cereals, fruits and certain seasonal drinks such as eggnog.

For more information or any enquiry and dining reservation, please contact:

Conrad Bangkok
Tel. +66(0)2-690-9999
Email bkkci.info@conradhotels.com

Conrad Koh Samui
Tel. +66(0)77-915-888
Email conrad_koh_samui@conradhotels.com

DoubleTree by Hilton Sukhumvit
Tel. +66(0)2-649-6666
Email bkksu.fb@hilton.com

Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok
Tel. +66(0)2-620-6666
Email bkksu.fb@hilton.com

Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa
Tel. +66(0)32-538-999
Email fb.huahin@hilton.com

Hilton Pattaya
Tel. +66(0)38-253-000
Email bkkhp_fb@hilton.com

Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa
Tel. +66(0)76-396-433
Email hkthi.fb@hilton.com

Millennium Hilton Bangkok
Tel. +66(0)2-442-2000
Email bangkok.reservations@hilton.com


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