IMC Institute Research Shows Thai Organizations to Adopt Artificial Intelligence In line with digital trends that will occur next year

IMC Institute Research Shows Thai Organizations to Adopt Artificial Intelligence In line with digital trends that will occur next year

– In a survey of over 113 IT leaders, IMC Institute found Thai organizations are more alert to use artificial intelligence in many areas, especially the Chatbot and RPA (Robot Process Automation), 2 systems that Thai organizations are most interested in applying AI.

– Thailand still lacks talent in AI technology, while the worst cases are not being able to adapt to technology trends that have started disruption in some industries.

– Digital Transformation trend of 2020 will focus on the all-round elements, which will not only technologies. IT leaders expected to pay more attention to the organizational culture, attitude of the leaders, and many other factors that directly affect the Digital Transformation process.

IMC Institute evaluates the AI in Thailand readiness as being aware of the importance of AI. More businesses have tried to adapt but some are struggling, such as media companies, retail, food delivery services, and many industries that have changed completely with high competition. While Digital Transformation Trends for 2020 will not only involve technology, but 7 factors will be brought in-depth at the institute’s annual seminar.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanachart Numnonda, Executive Director of IMC Institute, said the digital trends for 2020 will be changes in the perspective of Digital Transformation. From the past, the industries generally look at technology as the main thing, but when the technology trends continue to build on the same technologies, the implement should be more focus.

“Digital Transformation for 2020 will be more than just technologies. By focusing on other important issues such as; the development of organizational culture, creating a new department or business unit, organization management, developing the customer experience, and leverage growth mindset in leaders. The main differences are how to bring technologies to captured in these 6-7 factors. This becomes something that businesses should do in the future,” said Mr. Thanachart.

In addition to the changed perspective of Digital Transformation, Mr. Thanachart said Thai organizations are more alert to use AI technology in many areas. The Artificial Intelligence in Thailand Readiness Survey 2019 confirms.

Growing AI

AI is taking on a more serious role in the organization in 2019, clearly seen from Gartner’s CIO Survey 2019. From 2,791 respondents, The survey in January 2019 found the increased AI using dramatically from 2018, from 72% of the respondents said no use of AI and only a few applications in Fraud Analysis, but in 2019, respondents said they started using AI in Chatbot and Process Optimization 26% each.

For Thailand, IMC Institute conducted Artificial Intelligence in Thailand Readiness Survey 2019, a survey of Thai organization personnel in September 2019, with 113 respondents from information technology organizations, government agencies, state enterprises, and industrial plants. The survey concludes that Thai businesses have started using AI in Big Data Analytics, such as customer behavior analysis, product recommendations for customers, financial fraud investigation, Robo-advisor for financial institutions to providing investment advice via automated systems, and medical data analysis

Besides, AI is also used to enter large amounts of data automatically, natural languages processing applications such as translation, Chatbot, and facial recognition.

Key findings from the Artificial Intelligence in Thailand Readiness Survey 2019 include:

– Google Cloud is the cloud that will be used the most when organizations want to invest in AI (64.29%), followed by Opensource (48.21%) and Microsoft Azure ( 41.07%) while Amazon Web Services ranked 4th (38.39%)

– The survey shows that almost half of the Thai organizations (49.11%) have an understanding of AI at the beginning level, while 30.36% have a fair understanding of AI. These two groups are very high when compared to only 11.60% gain a good understanding of AI. 8.93% does not even understand what AI is.

– 74.11% of Thai respondents agree that AI will have a significant impact on their industry, while 16.07% thinking it has only a small effect. The rest answered that they were not sure or should not change.

– The implementation of AI in most Thai organizations is outsourcing (40.18%), followed by in house (32.14%). While 17.86% of the respondents use the software procurement method.

– When asked if AI is used in the organization or not? Only 10.70% of organizations are using AI, while 25.9% say they are in the action plan, 39.29% are conducting studies.

– If AI is applied in the organization, 60.71% choose AI Chatbot. While 49.11% choose Robot Process Automation, followed by Customer Segmentation, Face Recognition, Fraud Analysis, Human Resource Management systems, and other systems.

– Overall, a survey showed that 50% of senior executives in Thai organizations saw the importance of applying AI, while 35.1% said it was moderate and 14.29% were not paying attention and no mention of AI in the organization

These 2020 Digital Trends are topics in “Digital Trends 2020: The 7 Elements of Digital Transformation”, the 7th annual seminar held by the IMC Institute on 17-18 December 2019 from 09.00 – 17.00 hrs. at the Swissotel Le Concorde Hotel, Ratchadaphisek Road (MRT Huai Khwang). See more details at


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