It is Tea Time! Hilton Pattaya Introduces Savory Dishes from Tea throughout July

Tea originated in South West China and was used as a medicinal drink. Today, tea has become popular and is daily consumed as a beverage around the world. Tea is also widely used as an ingredient in food and dessert. Hilton Pattaya invites you to experience our special creations made from tea throughout July.

If you love to enjoy an authentic taste of Asian food, ‘Flare Restaurant’ introduces a traditional Japanese rice in hot tea, ‘Unagi Ochazuke’, cooked Japanese rice topped with grilled Unagi in teriyaki sauce served with Japanese pickles and hot Sencha green tea at THB 550 nett. Refresh after your meal with Thai dessert, ‘Homemade Thai Tea Ice-cream with Thai Toppings’ including palm seed, peanut, split yellow mung bean, cantaloupe, red grape and coconut sticky rice at THB 250 nett. Available throughout July at Flare Restaurant on level 15 from 6pm – 10.30pm.

‘Drift Lobby Lounge & Bar’ recommends an array of mouth-watering desserts and appetizer including ‘Yum Bai Cha’, crispy tea leaf with minced pork, chicken, shrimp and cashew nut in Thai spicy sauce at THB 350 nett, ‘Sunlight Pattaya Sundae’, Thai tea and cookie and cream ice-cream with banana and mango with mango-lime puree at THB 350 nett, ‘One More Please’, Thai tea panna cotta with banana bread at THB 150 nett, ‘Thai Tea Roll’ at THB 150 nett, ‘Green Tokyo’, green tea mousse cake with white chocolate at THB 150 nett and ‘Green Tea Cheesecake’ at THB 150 nett. Enjoy your favorite menus at Drift Lobby Lounge & Bar on level 16 from 11am -11pm.

‘Horizon Rooftop Restaurant & Bar’ presents a combination of Japanese ingredients and Italian cuisine, ‘Green Tea Crusted Gindara with Buckwheat Noodles in Miso Cream Sauce’, homemade green tea buckwheat in miso cream sauce served with green tea and seaweed crusted Gindara, fried Oba leaf, salmon roes, Japanese pickled cucumber and ginger at THB 950 nett. For dessert lovers, do not miss a ‘Homemade Earl Grey Ice-cream with Chocolate Mousse’ served with almond praline, poached cherries and mandarin at THB 450 nett. Available every day at Horizon Rooftop Restaurant & Bar on level 34 from 6pm – 11pm.

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