Kerry Siam Seaport Cooperates with Thai Sugar Exporters Showing National Exporting Competence to Global Market

Kerry Siam Seaport, the private deep seaport in Thailand which provides integrated logistics services for Bulk Shipment, Container Shipment, Global Goods Storage and Distribution, cooperated with major Sugar Exporters of Thailand to welcome the Great Rainbow Vessel with the deadweight of 63,000 tons and the draft of 14.5 meters for loading raw sugar of 62,290 tons at Kerry Siam Seaport. It took only 2 days and a half with loading rate of 28,800 tons a day by using the Rotainers which only Kerry has implemented such equipment for the purpose of sugar bulk loading since 2011.

This sugar loading emphasizes and allows global sugar buyers to realize that not only the quality of Thai Agricultural Products can compete with other nations, but also the technology (Rotainer) that makes the loading fast and the infrastructure of the deep seaport can support a large-sized batch of export. Besides, the competence of Kerry Siam Seaport which supports the large vessel shipment with impressive rapidness directly affects the cost reduction of Thai Exporters so that they can be more competitive in global trading markets.

Kerry Siam Seaport maintains its mission to develop the World Class Deep Seaport with innovative technologies of fast and convenient loading and distribution. This will be the key mechanism for promoting, supporting and developing the economy of Thailand to move forward rapidly.


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