KTC hands over 420,000 Baht from its Love & Shareproject in support of BanphaeoGeneral Hospital.

Dr. PornthepPongtawigorn(center to the right), M.D., Director of Banphaeo Hospital, presided over the handing over of 420,000 Baht in money donations from the charity annual awards ceremony event, with the cooperation and donation from (freelance)KTC financial product advisors from the Outsource Sales & Telesales team, including philanthropists as part of the “Love & Share, The Magic of Love and Sharing” project. Ms. SurangMongkholaripong(center to the left), Senior Vice President – Outsource Sales and Telesales, “KTC” orKrungthai Card Public Company Limited, along with the team, enacted as representatives in the handing over of money donations in support of medical tools and equipment procurement at Banphaeo Hospital, which are to be used to maximisepatient care. The event recently took place at BanphaeoGeneral Hospital, SamutSakhon province.


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