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Bangkok, April 20th 2016: WearYouWant, Thailand’s leading online fashion and beauty marketplace, is praising the romantic generosity of its male customers in Thailand. Since the start of 2016, there has been a steady rise in men buying underwear online at WearYouWant for that special woman in their life.
According to WearYouWant, in the last six months, underwear purchases by men on their online shopping platform have increased by 22%, with the first half of April seeing record highs. With 56% of underwear sales to men in Bangkok who seem to know exactly what women in Thailand want!
It could be the summer sun turning up the heat on underwear purchases by men or perhaps the Thai New Year Songkran festival spirit has meant more men showering women with gifts. With a few clicks, shy men can easily shop for lingerie online for their loved one.
Of course, WearYouWant stocks much more than lingerie, retailing over 17,000 different fashion and beauty items, including shoes, dresses and men’s clothing too.
Julien Chalté, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of welcomes the sales, even if they are a little unexpected. “On WearYouWant, it’s always been women who have bought their own underwear traditionally, so it is surprising to see that in 2016, that trend is shifting. Perhaps it is that more men are in touch with their feminine side and keen on using women’s underwear,” he adds with a smile, “or maybe it is just more men are shopping online for underwear as presents for women.”
It is not just men who like their loved ones to be well-dressed when they are undressed either. Women in Thailand also enjoy shopping for boxer shorts and briefs for their male partners too. Some 19% of all men’s underwear bought online at WearYouWant in February 2016 was purchased by female customers.

WearYouWant, founded in 2011, is Thailand’s leading online fashion and beauty marketplace. Aiming for a regional expansion, WearYouWant is where fashion shops, brands, and designers come together to provide an unbeatable online shopping selection. WearYouWant offers a large collection of 500 well known international and local brands covering multiple categories hereunder, shoes, womenswear, menswear and beauty.

With 17,000 products online, WearYouWant is one of the biggest online fashion and beauty destinations in Thailand, adding hundreds of new products every week.

Behind the scenes, the WearYouWant team supports its partner stores with a software sales platform that includes inventory management, order processing, and promotion services to bring new customers and keep the experience seamless and indistinguishable from a stroll through the mall.

WearYouWant believes in easy and simple shopping on any device, which is why there are both desktop and mobile version as well as native iOS and Android apps.

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