OSHA Unveils Corporate Chef and The Floral Set with Hanuman Cocktail Series


OSHA Unveils Corporate Chef and The Floral Set with Hanuman Cocktail Series

Bangkok, 15 October 2016 – OSHA Thai Restaurant & Bar, a fine dining Thai restaurant originated from San Francisco, has recently appointed “Chef Pu”, Purida Theeraphong as the new Corporate Chef. To commemorate her joining, Chef Pu has created the new set menu entitled OSHA – The Floral Set. She derives inspirations for the new signature set from various Thai flowers. This set menu is now being paired with Thai Spirit created under the theme of Hanuman Cocktail Series, which are named after and inspired by the powerful apes from The Ramayana epic.
Besides 17 years of experience as executive chef at leading restaurants and hotels in Australia and Thailand, Chef Pu also made a history when she was named the first Thai female chef to win at Iron Chef Thailand as a challenger. On the occasion of officially joining OSHA as Corporate Chef, she creates OSHA – The Floral Set, an exquisitely presented Thai dinner with molecular twist. The set consists of six dishes.

1. Garden Talk Crispy & Berry Sauce is a beautiful start to the special meal. The crispy Khaotang (rice crust) is covered with petals of butterfly pea, roses and marigold for colours, crunch and scent. It is served with mulberry sauce for sweet and sour contrast, resulting in a truly impressive appetizer.

2. Triple Senses of Deep Blue Marine shows Chef Pu’s intention to elevate plara (fermented fish) to a new level in terms of taste and presentation. Tender balls made of rice flour envelop seasoned plara inside. They are further enhanced with appetizing aroma from plara-infused oil. Sprinkles of black sesame and sugar add crunchy touch to them.

3. OSHA Ocean & Flora Salad offers refreshing sensation and tenderness from fresh Hokkaido scallop. Its natural sweetness goes great with the spicy dressing, which is rich in beta-carotene from gac fruit. The carefully sliced scallop is to be enjoyed along with herbs, petals, and coriander oil for enhanced tastes. The dish is paired with Mekhong Sukreep. Sukreep leads Phra Ram’s army in many battles and its namesake drink offers refreshing and citrus sips. The sweet and sour sensation from watermelon and lychee perfectly complements the already flavourful salad.

4. Red Velvet Spell over Charming Fish entices you with aromatic soup infused with red ginger flowers and other herbs. Chinese silver pomfret has tender flesh that goes great with two jaew-style dips made of red ginger and tomato. The side of lotus petals offers additional scent and texture. Enjoy this tasty dish with Mekhong Pali. The drink features refreshing Thai herbs to complement Thai herbs in the dips.

5. Rock Lobster and Amber Curry Sauce showcase both molecular and traditional techniques. The steamed juicy lobster is served with aromatic curry sauce. Celery and chili caviars add molecular touch and the wow-factor to the dish. The sumptuous dish is served with rice that has special texture, thanks to it being cooked with taro. Enjoy this main dish with a glass of Mekhong Hanuman. Hanuman is the most powerful ape in Ramayana epic and its namesake drink is created by an experienced mixologist who mixes coconut, an ingredient widely used in Thai cuisine, with the Thai golden spirit. Scent and sweetness of coconut juice and Mekhong in the drink is a perfect match to the creamy and aromatic curry

6. Pure Botanic Sweet Kiss combines three layers of delights; tapioca pearls infused with pandan leaves, sweet-and-sour mousse made from ripe mango, and creamy coconut cream. It will truly end your meal on a sweet note

Diners can savor OSHA – The Floral Set for dinner every day at OSHA Thai Restaurant & Bar. The price of six-course dinner set is B2,200++ and with Hanuman Cocktail Series pairing B700++ per person for an additional price. One set is for 2 to 4 persons. Reservation at least one day in advance is highly recommended.

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