Singapore Forex trader Kenneth Kam pens his amazing journey in The Equilibrium Training The Money Mindset

Singapore Forex trader Kenneth Kam is a recognized thought-leader who frequently shares his insights and knowledge about Forex trading through various publications. His first book is The Equilibrium Training The Money Mindset. The author and millionaire trader is currently working on growing his multimillion-dollar portfolio, and on establishing a ‘Pension Fund for the World’.
Fluent in seven languages, Kenneth Kam Boon Hee is a multitalented individual who also has a flair for Mathematics and Computer Science. Among many other traits, his self-discipline greatly helped him in becoming the successful trader he is today. A greatly sought-after speaker, Kenneth has been featured on TV, in magazines. When not at his trading station, Kenneth travels and pursues social entrepreneurship opportunities
For years, many of Kenneth’s associates have suggested that he share his life experiences and collect them in a book. He obliged, and in early 2016, The Equilibrium – Training the Money Mindset by Kenneth Kam was completed and published. In this book, he highlights some key experiences on his unique journey to achieve equilibrium in trading through what he describes as mindset mastery.
He says he wrote this book to let readers know there is more to ‘it’ than just pure work and money making. “Life is about balance, seeking an equilibrium – not about hard work – also playing hard. I want to emphasise on this is because I worked too hard, without having any time to ‘play’ previously. This led to me being burnt out. Having good balance is most important.”
The Equilibrium Training The Money Mindset appeals to every reader: “Anyone from any walk of life could pick up this book and apply the principles to their lives – be it a housewife, teacher, fisherman, journalist, or economist! Anyone can discover mindset mastery and achieve equilibrium in his life.”
Thus, The Equilibrium Training The Money Mindset includes valuable life lessons as he shows you how to avoid life’s curveballs and helps you shape a better future. “After reading my book, I want my readers to exponentially increase their ability to acquire wealth as traders. If they don’t choose to be traders, the lessons learnt will also come in handy for any other business ventures,” concludes Kenneth Kam.
The Equilibrium Training The Money Mindset was published in 2016 and has already been re-edited in 2017. The book has been launched in the following countries Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Mauritius, South Africa and will be launched in a few more regions in 2017-2018. It is now translated in Thai as well as in French. The French version will be launched in Paris at a UNESCO Conference.
The Equilibrium Training The Money Mindset was launched in Bangkok on 18th November together with the Thai version. During this event, Kenneth Kam also released his rendition of the Thai version of When you are old, a famous Chinese ballad written and sang by Chinese Singer, Zhao Zhao.
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About the author Kenneth Kam
Kenneth began his trading journey with commodities around 25 years ago, after the completion of his National Service and study at a local polytechnic in Singapore. It was only in the late 1990s, upon the deregulation of the foreign exchange market, that he started Forex trading on a part-time basis. While trading in Forex on the side, he continued working full-time as a marketing professional. However, at the age of 45, he decided to go into trading full-time. It was then that he started his Facebook page and developed his learning platform to share his applied knowledge, the lessons he learnt, and to explore the abilities needed to achieve financial success. This has expanded into the Forex Education and Capital Appreciation Program e-learning system, where he shares his knowledge of how to grow capital with Forex. To further Kenneth’s ambitions, Kenn Organisation was formed in 2017 to support his aspirations through research and development in financial technology and social entrepreneurship. Kenn Organisation’s management team, which is made up of industry leaders, has fuelled the rapid growth and expansion of the organisation into the progressive and dynamic international enterprise it is today. Kenneth Kam also heads his own Foundation to realise his global philanthropic objectives. He is currently collaborating with UNESCO. //

Excerpt from The Equilibrium Training The Money Mindset
“Basically, emotional upheaval comes from the mind. A situation may be frustrating, but it is your choice to feel frustrated. Similarly, you will only feel stressed after an uncomfortable experience if you allow yourself to be consumed by your emotions. So if we take a step back, we may come to realise that by controlling our thoughts, our emotions can be channelled in an appropriate direction. This is a mental strategy that will give you the winning mindset. When you are in a state where you are constantly controlled by your emotions, your thoughts run amok, clouding your mind. This makes you vulnerable to risk and prone to mistakes. A trader who is overcome by emotions will agonise endlessly over his next step, causing him to freeze up and often end up selling– typically at a loss – just to relieve that anxiety. To avoid that, clear your mind. Being completely emotionally unaffected regardless of what happens in the market is virtually impossible; in contrast, it may be more helpful to control how much you let it get to you. Actively reminding yourself that the sun will rise again after a dark night will help you look for that silver lining even when you have hit rock bottom.”

Testimonials on The Equilibrium Training The Money Mindset
“Everyone fails at some point of life, but not many emerge much stronger, the way Kenneth has. In Kenneth’s book, he talks about the challenges in his life and then shares how he has mastered his life through mindset mastery. Kenneth’s book is nothing short of inspirational, and motivates one to conquer his/her challenges and be successful in life!”

“When I was in university, I learned about principles such as mindset and consistency, connecting with people and giving. Back then, I watched the people around me, and how they applied these principles in their lives. Then I met Kenneth who reminded me again of those principles but in an indirect way. More by doing, more by modelling it. He showed me that in any situation or stage in life, it is possible to reset and reach your goals. There aren’t too many like Kenneth who showed me that it’s possible to come back from failure, bigger, better and stronger than before.”

“Kenneth Kam exhibits the kindness and generosity to which I am extremely grateful. His involvement and philosophies continue to inspire other students towards greatness too, but most importantly, to what it takes to achieve the right mindset towards life. His new book, The Equilibrium, will no doubt continue to change people’s lives in a profound way.”


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