Solo Exhibition by Chaiwat Kudapun Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “The Pursuit of Happiness”


Exhibition “The Pursuit of Happiness”- Solo Exhibition by Chaiwat Kudapun Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “The Pursuit of Happiness” a solo exhibition to be held from March 4 – April 30, 2016. This exhibition showcases the latest artworks by Chaiwat Kudapun, that reflect upon the existence of humans through his emotional, unique sculptures

As sentient beings on this earth, humans exist in a world full of love, life, happiness as well as sadness, suffering and destruction. Sometimes the nature’s wrath creates havoc and other times we bring grief and regret upon ourselves. Compared to all creatures on this planet, humans are regarded as the highest form of being that walks the earth. One who has both instinct and intuition, where we can separate from good and evil, create an entire environment around ourselves which was not given to us naturally. Through the form of art, Thai artist Chaiwat Kudapun showcases the different emotions as experienced by us, humans throughout our existence. These emotions are directly correlated to our experiences of pleasures and sufferings. He believes that beyond these physical and emotional barriers is the key to true happiness.

While living in a physical plane in a physical body, there lies the 3 Marks of Conditioned Existence that is followed by Buddhism, which is every stage of life other than Nirvana. These are Annica, Annatta, and Dhukka, respectively.

Anicca (Sanskrit anitya) or “impermanence”.This is the truth that teaches all things in life are impermanent and in a constant change of flux. Like a leaf growing on a tree. It dies and falls off the tree but is soon replaced by a new leaf.
Anatta (Sanskrit anatman) or “no-self;” that we are with and without a permanent self, and all things from the large physical landscapes, to humans and chemical compositions change from one form to another. It’s the misconception of ‘self’ as something permanent, a thing we cling to, that ends up leading us to suffering in a multitude of ways.
Dukkha (Sanskrit duhkha) or suffering. As we exist, we suffer. Nothing is ever enough, perfect and permanent. Instead of understanding our suffering, we push away from it – only to suffer more.

There is another ‘truth’ as portrayed by the artist expressed through the understanding of the “8 Worldly Conditions:” the concept of gain and loss, honor and dishonor, praise and blame, pleasure and pain.

His sculptures reflect what results in that of the human mind that is perceived by our day to day experiences as well as through the search of humanity and meaning. It also portrays the struggles

felt by Chaiwat himself in search of the perfect life. However, the artist seeks to reveal the beauty of suffering, and how these obstacles that we cross over in life help us to become stronger and more aware. He invites viewers to probe more questions about life, look deeper into themselves and express their emotions both good and bad through his works.

Located in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling city center, this sophisticated 2 story gallery space aims to promote and challenge perspectives through groundbreaking exhibitions never seen before, as well as showcasing a diverse array of contemporary works by young and acclaimed artists, both local and international.

Interested public are invited to view “The Pursuit of Happiness” exhibition from March 4 – April 30, 2016 (11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.) at Koi Art Gallery, 245 Sukhumvit 31 Road (Soi Sawaddee), Klongton North Wattana, Bangkok, Tel. 02 662 3218.


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