THAI Smile Launches Smile for Life Campaign for the 3rd Year Encouraging Organs Donation via “Mind Hero”

THAI Smile Launches Smile for Life Campaign for the 3rd Year Encouraging Organs Donation via “Mind Hero” “The campaign’s soundtrack by Nop Ponchamni” and “Pim Thitiyakorn” Airline Pledges to further support organ transportation on every domestic flights.

Bangkok 29 November 2019 – THAI Smile Airways together with the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre, have now joined forces to deliver organs from donors to patients awaiting transplant surgery throughout all domestic routes free of charge by running a local campaign under Smile for Life for the 3rd year. The 7-minutes online advertising campaign entitled “Mind Hero” with “Nop Ponchamni” and “Pim Thitiyakorn” singing the soundtrack. The online video was created to inspire potential donors to give endlessly, organ donation is considered as the greatest give to humanities who are really in need. This underlines the social contribution of THAI Smile Airways who is entitled for delivery of organs from donors to patients by providing seats for Thai Red Cross medical team to fulfill their mission via all domestic routes. This online video “Mind Hero” is scheduled to be broadcasted online now.

Mrs. Charita Leelayudth, Chief Executive Officer of THAI Smile Airways said “Apart from delivering services beyond expectations with smiles, THAI Smile has a mission to give back to the society under the Smile for Life campaign, now in its third consecutive year. We realize the significance and great benefits of organ donation by the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre. We have learned that the number of people waiting for donated organs increases every year and decided to continue the project to further organ donation. THAI Smile plays an important role in supporting physicians who are traveling to operate on organ donors as well as delivering donated organs to recipients nationwide. An online video campaign is produced by THAI Smile every year to create a perception and campaign for organ donation among the public to make them realize the importance of being an organ donor.”

The idea of online Video “Mind Hero” is to communicate the idea that “organ donation does not end when the donor signs a donor card but it involves the donor’s family members who will help deliver the donor’s intention to the destination.” Mind Hero is an online video with a soundtrack that tells the story of a sister whose brother has always been her hero. Until one day, she has to unexpectedly perform the great duty of her brother’s organs transportation, fulfilling his intention to extend other people’s lives. While making such a significant decision, she learns that being a true hero must be done by heart. She is proud and willing to support his brother to be a hero for others. Mind Hero is more special than other online video since it has received the rights to use the hit song “Kaem Nong Nang Nan Daeng Kwa Khrai” with adjustments of the music and lyrics. The song is performed by highly-experienced singers “Nop Ponchamni” and “Pim Thitiyakorn” who help elevate this online video to be more powerful and touching. This online video is scheduled to broadcast online now and publicized through all THAI Smile’s communication channels.

Dr. Visist Dhitavat, Director of Thai Red Cross Society Organ Donation Center, pointed out that one of the most crucial factors for today’s medical treatment is the organ acquisition from donors who pass away in Thailand. Each year, it is estimated that there are nearly 1,000 potential donors who passed away. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions of making use of organs from donors for medical purpose. The main obstacle is the lack of accurate understanding for organ donation after one’s death. “At present, a large number of patients are waiting for organ transplant, especially kidney transplant. In 2019, there are 5,898 patients are waiting for an organ transplant. 95% of them are waiting for donated kidneys, followed by livers, hearts, lungs, and pancreases. Previously, there were 40,000 – 50,000 donors who intended to donate organs with the number increasing to 89,636 in 2017, 100,014 in 2018, and 86,383 in 2019 (as of 31 October 2019). The rising number of donors is partly due to continuous campaigns as well as the public’s higher knowledge and better understanding of organ donation.

The number of deceased people whose organs can be used is 246 from 2018 to October 2019, increasing from 294 people in 2017. 577 patients had organ transplants. From now until the end of 2019, the center is trying to meet its donor target of 300 people per year. This projection is compliance with the Ministry of Public Health’s policy that clearly specifies the importance and benefits of organ donation for Thai people especially in terms of reduced medical expenses and a better quality of life.”

“The Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre is very pleased that THAI Smile continually supports by being a carrier to facilitate the transportation of donated organs to different destinations. This is to improve the quality of the organs and increase the number of usable donated organs. THAI Smile also helps us by ensuring safety for the transport of donated organs, it also reduces the workload of medical doctors and nurses at hospitals, while shortening the waiting time of organ delivery. In addition, this online campaign will encourage Thai people to donate organs and save human lives more. To facilitate organ donors nationwide, the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre now accepts organ donation online via and mobile application ‘Borichak Awaiyawa’ (Organ Donation). After the donors complete the form, the system will send a SMS and e-mail confirmations to donors and their relatives, respectively” M.D. Visit added.

For interested people wishing to participate in the project, you can donate your organs or money to the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre via mobile application ‘Borichak Awaiyawa’ (Organ Donation) and

“My Hero” online video is available on and THAI Smile Airways Official YouTube Channel


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