THAI Smile provides New Year’s Eve travel tips

THAI Smile provides New Year’s Eve travel tips

THAI Smile Airways would like to encourage all passengers to get prepared for travelling during the New Year’s Eve since there are a large number of passengers waiting for both domestic and international routes. Passengers should arrive at the airport in advance for two hours of your domestic flights and three hours for international flights. They can do Online Check-In service for quick access via THAI Smile Mobile application and Everyone is prompted to be aware of these particular things to make your trip smooth.

For valuables like cash, mobile phone, iPad, camera, laptop or notebook, jewelry, passengers put them on a bag and take it on board. Do not load it under the cargo compartment. All kinds of power banks are not allowed to be loaded under the compartment. However, according to the policy that passengers are allowed to bring power banks with less than 20,000 mAh (max 20 pieces) to take on board or the capacity between 20,000 – 32,000 mAh (max 2 pcs.) are allowed to take on board as well. Meanwhile, in all cases, it is prohibited for a power bank over than 32,000 mAh

In a case which passengers are required to carry their personal items in liquid, gel and spray such as lotions, perfumes, shampoos, shaving foam, deodorant spray (LAGs), packed into the baggage and carried by passengers (Carry-on items must be placed in a packaging that is limited to 100 ml per pack and must be placed in a transparent plastic bag (ziploc bag) with a total volume of not more than one liter or 1,000 ml. Moreover, no LAGs in a package greater than 100 ml are allowed on board, even if the remaining volume is less than 100 ml.

“On the occasion to celebrate the new year 2019, on behalf of THAI Smile, we would like to convey our happiness to all passengers, wish you all good health and your desire be fulfilled. We will continue to take all passengers to all destinations with a smile,” concluded Mrs. Charita Leelayuth, CEO of THAI Smile Airways.


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