The Senizens Live Happy & Healthy … Live Here

The Senizens

Live Happy & Healthy … Live Here

The project of Mix-use community for seniors in the center of Thonburi, Charansanitwong 13 Rd. is an inclusive convenient nursing home care by the professionals for rehabilitation in the cozy and confidential ambiance to strengthen the relationship in the family.

The Senizens emerges from the concept of the elderly care who require both intensive physical and mental health care. With the special ambiance, the particular location where the well-design is grounded on the living, care, and the rehabilitation of patients for their all-time happiness, this is the new alternative to inclusive service for the patients offering by the professional team of elderly care.

We provide the short-term and long-term residence service for supporting the living of elderly. All single rooms are fully equipped with facilities and private safe toilet that is designed based on the safety and for the elderly’s convenience.

It is distinguished with the service of the professional team in elderly care round-the-clock under the supervision of the team from Chersery Home International Hospital who gives advices and close attention deliberately.

We set and arrange the appropriate daily activities, physical rehabilitation, hygienic meals, and integral living as the absolute society for the energetic body and perfect mind every day.

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+66 2056 1685
+66 6 5598-8783


Line id:@thesenizens


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