TMB ALL FREE Debit Card becomes the first and only cash card from Thailand

TMB ALL FREE Debit Card becomes the first and only cash card from Thailand which can be used to pay for goods and services abroad without 2.5% service charge on top of spending

TMB has added a new product feature to its TMB All Free Debit Card for overseas usage, which allows card holders to make payment when they travel overseas with TMB All Free Debit Card without being charged 2.5% currency exchange fee on top of each amount spent. This reflects the continuing effort by TMB to provide customers with more benefits in accordance with its “Get MORE” proposition which is aimed at making every customer get more benefits from TMB every day.
Mr. Chavamon Winijtrongjit, Head of TMB Primary Bank Products, said, “TMB ALL FREE Debit Card is the first card in Thailand that offers card holders with convenience and peace of mind when they travel abroad by allowing customers to spend in foreign currency via the card without being charged with 2.5% currency conversion fee on top of each purchase amount. TMB customers will have no hassle in searching for the cheap exchange rate before they travel abroad because TMB All Free Debit Card has just the right answer for their need. TMB All Free Debit Card can be used to pay for goods and services in most of the foreign currencies when they are overseas. Our customers do not need to worry about getting foreign currencies before they embark on their trips. They do not have to take the trouble in getting rid of foreign coins or small changes at the end of their trips. The exchange rate TMB All Free Debit Card offers will be about the same as what available at popular independent changers in Thailand as TMB does not charge customers with the 2.5% exchange fee when our customers use TMB All Free to pay. Moreover, we also provide customers with the effective spending tools on TMB TOUCH. Each of the amount spent is converted into Thai baht and instantly appears on the activity records on TMB TOUCH mobile application. Furthermore, customers can use TMB TOUCH, any time, to control the card usage such as turn on or off overseas card spending, limit daily spending amount or limit the spending amount per time.

“TMB customers who hold TMB All Free Debit Card can enjoy this new benefit right away at merchants who accept Visa Cards. Those who are interested to get the many benefits of TMB All Free

Debit Card, such as free fund transfer, bill payment and ATM withdrawal at TMB’s and other banks’ ATMs nationwide, may contact any TMB Branch. For more information, visit or call TMB Contact Center on 1558.


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