Apollo Tyres’ 3-days tyre safety initiative for Thai motorists


BANGKOK- March 3029, 2016 – Thailand’s Songkran Festival in April promises lots of water fun, but the Thai New Year is also a peak accident time across the country. From water attacks in the streets to slippery surfaces and drunken driving, extra caution on the country’s busy roads is an absolute must.

India headquartered Apollo Tyres, with its regional hub for the ASEAN region in Bangkok, is setting up a three day, pre-Songkran community campaign in Bangkok from April 10 – 12, 2016 at the Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway Service Centre (Outbound) and Thap Chang Service Center at KM 48+300 Bangpa-in Motorway.

Joining hands with Apollo Tyres’ Safe Drive inititiative are Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation, The Department of Highways, The Road Safety Policy Foundation Thailand and U Drink I Drive.

Apollo Tyres’ technical team will conduct free checks on car tyres, informing drivers on how to extend the life of their tyres and avoid accidents through proper tyre care.

Well-maintained tyres with a good tread mean faster stopping time, greater traction on wet roads, so less chance of dangerous skidding, as well as a safer and smoother drive.

Distributing to ASEAN through a subsidiary set up in Thailand since 2013, Apollo Tyres offers Thai customers a special two-year Unconditional Warranty on tyres, which is in addition to the company’s standard 5 years manufacturers’ warranty .

The Safe Drive campaign from Apollo Tyres has been recognised and awarded by the International Institute of Road Traffic Education.
Caption for attached photo : Pictured from left to right: Apinara Srikarnchana, Co-founder and Chief of Corporate Affairs, U Drink I Drive; Sompoth Sasiponganan, Deputy Director (Operations), Inter-city Motorway District 1; Songyasin Chonpatathip, Director of Inter-City Motorway District 1; Shubhro Ghosh, Group Head- ASEAN, Middle East & Africa (AMA), Apollo Tyres Ltd.; Akkaradet Prakitsuwan, representative from Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation; Cherngchai Praneedpolkrang, Head of Inter-City Motorway Khannayao District, Inter-city Motorway District 1 and Sirasom Borisut, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director , U Drink I Drive.


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